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Green Privilege Gummy Bears 5000 MG




These gummy bears are the perfect way to enjoy cannabis in a sweet and familiar form. You’ll feel the sweet taste of gummy with every bite. 5000 MG THC and 125 MG per piece.

Indulge in the delectable world of green privilege edibles and savor the sweet, familiar taste of gummy infused, a delightful and potent cannabis experience. Each product is carefully measured per piece to ensure easy and safe dosing. The taste of green privilege gummy bears is a burst of tangy sourness that always leaves you craving more. The texture and taste of this Cannabis strain offer a satisfying and memorable experience for all users. Choose Weed Delivery Oceanside to transform your cannabis experience.

Experience the world of Namu carts, and let Weed Delivery Oceanside redefine your cannabis journey with quality, promptness, and reliability, always keeping your best interests in focus.


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